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Comedians and Entertainers

Stand-Up Comedians and Entertainers |

Here are some great comedians

Do you like to laugh?







Don’t answer that.

If you DON’T like to laugh you are probably from a strange part of Europe not seen on maps…possibly Germany.

For thousands of years humans have enjoyed George Burns and many other comedians.

What is laughter?

They are very funny and they use their words and our amplification systems to cause us to produce an involuntary reaction in our bodies known as laughter.

Now that you know how it’s created please tell some of those unfunny comedians out there. Especially Dane Cook.

Here is a list of only the good ones:

Don Rickles

Jerry Seinfeld

Carol Burnett

Milton Berle

Steven Wright

Lenny Bruce

George Burns

Comedy is pretty darn difficult. Not just anyone can get on stage and make an audience laugh.